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Student Activities at Ohio University Southern encompass a wide range of interests and offer something for everyone. Various campus activities and organizations are designed to meet the needs and to provide opportunities for students, faculty, staff, administration, and the community. Focus areas include, academics, athletics, education, fine arts, health, honor, international awareness, leadership, media, service, social science, and travel.

OUS Student Clubs and Organizations




Student President

Student Nurses Association

Pre-professional organization geared towards developing student nurses who are prepared to lead the profession in the future.

Ginger Hardy

William Z. Hampton

OUS History Club To provide the opportunity for students to learn and discuss significant events throughout history through open forums, on and off campus events, and guest speakers.

Deborah Marinski

Michelle Dotts

ACTION Psychology Club

To increase awareness of mental health issues and provide a forum for discussion of issues and treatment modalities.

Ron Sims

Nina Queen

Kristi Barnes

Hanna Wilkes

Academic Team

To give students opportunities to participate in academic competitions and to enhance abilities of teams competing in regional and national competitions.

Nina Queen

James Shope

OUS Literature Club

To foster a continuing appreciation of literature through reading, writing, and discussing literature in all forms and through attending literary events.

Hayley Haugen

Jessica Conley

Tri-State Campus Christian Outreach

To serve as a resource for students and faculty to find encouragement, edification, and guidance in their time at Ohio University Southern.

Kim Riley

Orman Swann

Ohio University Southern Art Collaborative

To create a common assembly for students interested in all forms of mediums of art where they can learn, develop skills, and express their ideas using their talents.  This collaborative will also participate as a group in activities and events that are beneficial to the community.

Thomas Suter

Pat McCoy

Michael Delawder

Ohio University Southern Gaming Club The Gaming Club is a social organization for students interested in learning and playing table-top, board, role-playing, and other types of interactive games.

David Haugen

Aaron Knipp

Ohio University Southern
Electronic Media Club

To serve the community, further our knowledge and experience with electronic media, and to raise money for future electronic media events.

Dave Surgalski

John Gulley

For more information, contact:

Robert Pleasant ,
Director of Student Services and
Coordinator of Diversity and Multiculturalism
Office: Collins Center 116
Phone: (740) 533-4608

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