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Smoking on Campus
In accordance with state of Ohio Law, Ohio University policy, and the Ohio University Work Place Safety Initiative; this message is intended to clarify and reemphasize existing policies regarding smoking in and around facilities owned and/or operated by Ohio University Southern. 
Please refer to Ohio Revised Code – Chapter 3794 (http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/3794), Ohio University Policy 44.113 (http://www.ohio.edu/policy/44-113.html), and the Work Place Safety Initiative (http://www.ohio.edu/ehs/general/evaluation.htm) for background information.
OU Southern- No Smoking

While other public institutions and private establishments have put into place policies and regulations to prohibit smoking entirely in and around their facilities, OUS is making an effort to permit the privilege of smoking on campus in designated locations only.  However, it is to be understood that smoking on campus is a privilege that may be revoked at any time should it be abused or the rules by which it is permitted ignored.  Therefore, it is incumbent on smokers to adhere to the regulations set forth and to ensure that others do likewise.  Students not following these regulations are liable for judicial action.  Employees of Ohio University are expected to lead the effort to ensure compliance.  Those employees who abuse this privilege may expect for it to be noted in performance evaluations, and repeat offenders may expect further disciplinary action.

Below is a summary of the existing rules, regulations, and policies in place at OUS regarding smoking—in no particular order as they are all of equal importance.  Please refer to the attached links for the complete regulation texts.
·       Smoking is prohibited inside of all facilities.

·       Smoking is only permitted in locations not closer than 20-feet from any building, facility, window, or air intake unit.  Effective immediately, the exterior 20-ft demarcation point shall be clearly marked at all building entrances by signage or where signage is not possible as indicated by a bobcat paw with the internationally recognized no-smoking symbol.

·       Smoking is prohibited in any patio area as defined by Ohio law.  Effective immediately upon the posting of the signs, smoke-free exterior areas will include the Shaffer Courtyard and any adjoining sidewalks or covered walkways, the Riffe/Collins covered cross-over, the Collins patio, and the Dingus Technology Center terrace/9th Street entrance .

Stated once more, these smoking regulations will be self-enforced as long as that approach is effective.  Abuse of this privilege may result in elimination of the smoking privilege on campus.

Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.

Bill Willan