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(740) 533-4600
Advisors on the Ohio University Southern Campus (OUSC) provide information relating to the admission, registration, financial aid and academic advising needs of all OUSC students.


Career Services  
Mary Ann Wymer
(740) 533-4607

Career Services assists students with a wide variety of services related to career goals and program major planning.
Center for Teaching & Learning

(740) 533-4553

Helping with education students' field placements in the schools, student teaching, and advising all education majors including early childhood, middle childhood, and adolescent/young adult.
Center for Nursing Education

Provides information of the process of being accepted into the nursing program.
For general information please contact the Center for Nursing Education at 740-533-4633

Campus and Community

Responsible for designing/presenting courses to meet civic, cultural, professional, occupational, personal, and social needs of community members of all ages.
Computer Labs
Mary Lou Malone
(740) 533-4569

OUSC Computer Labs provide computer access for students while on campus as well as facilities for computer classes in both Ironton and Proctorville. A variety of services are available for students, faculty, and staff.
Dean's Office, Dean 

Development, Assistant Dean 

(740) 533-4595

The Assistant Dean for Development for the Southern Campus is charged with leading The Bicentennial Campaign through December 31, 2004. The university-wide goal is $200 million, of which $122 million has been raised. Locally, the external campaign was officially launched, Saturday, March 31 when the goal of $5 million was announced for the Southern Campus. As of that date, $1.780 million had already been raised. The internal campaign involving staff, faculty and students will get underway later in the year.
Electronic Media
Don Moore
(740) 533-4575

Prepares students for an entry level position in the electronic media--radio or television, corporate communications or production houses. Students will receive intensive, individualized instruction in an experience-based atmosphere.
Enrollment Services 

We provide students with an opportunity to receive one-to-one counseling as you plan your college experience.
Equine Studies 

The degree program is designed to prepare students for employment as trained professionals in the horse industry.
 Faculty Office  
(740) 533-4540

The faculty office, located in the Dingus Technology Center – Room 127, contains mail-folders for all Ohio University Southern instructors.  Office hours and contact information for instructors are provided to students upon request.
Ohio University Southern Faculty/Staff Directory
Finance Department
Kim Addis
(740) 533-4642

All requests for payment, purchase orders, travel requisitions, purchasing card transactions, administrative and facility contracts, payroll, and bank deposits.
Gear Up 
Jeff Handley

A program designed to aid students in moving from secondary to post secondary education. 
Human Services Technology
Mary Virgin
(740) 533-3140

Offers a two year program leading to an Associate in Applied Science in Human Services Technology. Graduates may obtain employment in the fields of Human Service related areas.
Information Technology Services 
Jed Utsinger
(740) 533-4568
Computer Services provides campus wide networking, computer hardware and software related purchases, technology repairs, and internet services (e-mail, list serves, and black board).
International Awareness 
Dave Lucas
(740) 533-4577

Helps to raise the awareness of different cultures through student and facility exchange programs.
Leadership Project 
William Larson
(740) 533-4580

Ohio University Leadership Project has as its purpose the identification, development, and implementation of needed professional development programs for current and aspiring school administrators.
Learning Center 

(740) 533-4596

The Learning Center provides these free services to all OUSC students: Supplemental Instruction, Study Groups, Individual tutoring, Audiotape tutorials, Computer Access, Placement Testing, Computer practice programs, Preparation software/study materials, and Career Exploration.
Mary Stout
(740) 533-4622
The Southern Campus Library is a modern information center which assists Ohio University students, staff and faculty with their academic research. The Library contains 22,000 volumes, 200 periodical subscriptions, as well as microforms, audiovisual materials, CD-ROMS and electronic databases.


 Nature Center
Bob Culp
(740) 533-4597
Wayne National Forest
Phone: 740-532-4600 or 740-533-4563
The OUSC Nature Center is an interdisciplinary teaching program dedicated to the promotion and understanding of our area's natural wonders.
Office Technology  

This degree program is designed to prepare students for employment as office managers, administrative assistants, word processing specialists and various supervisory positions in the business environment.


Physical Plant 
Responsible for all campus-wide physical plant activities.

Proctorville Center 
Stephanie Burcham
(740) 886-7655

Located in Proctorville, OH, this facility has a fully equipped student center and provides a wide variety of general education courses and workshops to students and the surrounding community in eastern Lawrence County.
School of Nursing  

The mission of the School of Nursing is to provide an accessible baccalaureate program of the highest quality for RNs active in the practice of nursing and living in the southeastern quadrant of Ohio.
South Regional Professional Development Center
(740) 533-4626

SRPDC provides ongoing professional development for educators to implement Ohio's curriculum models, competency based education, and technology. The SRPDC offers education serves tailored to meet the needs of local learning communities.
Student Center 
(740) 533-4600
Works with students throughout their school career. Houses the university switchboard, mail center, admission office, has five counselors who provide financial aid and program advice, and the Learning and Assessment Center.

The TASC Lab is the central point for all instructional equipment checkouts.  It offers a wide variety of services including large format printing, photo quality printing, scanning, vinyl cutting, lamination, and CD burning.  These services are available to faculty, staff, students, as well as, the community.
Together We Can! 
Nina Queen
(740) 533-4602
Provides a K-12 video based parent involvement curriculum. Supports public school partnerships through ongoing technical support, professional and paraprofessional training.


Travel World  

(740) 533-4630

A full service travel agency owned by Ohio University.  Our travel services include airline tickets, rental cars, hotels, cruises, tour packages, groups (escorted or independent), and more.  Need a passport photo?  Those are available at Travel World also.  We serve the university, community, and the general public.