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Together We Can would like to update you on our upcoming plans. For the current school year our aim is to meet a 100% success rate in getting Lawrence County students to Ohio University Southern and educating them on the importance of post-secondary education. This will be accomplished through Campus Days at Ohio University Southern. During the next several months Campus Days activities will be planned for each senior class in the selected Lawrence County schools.

The pictures above show some of the 8th and 10th grade students who recently participated in the Together We Can “Jump Start” program. The incentive for students to complete their assignments was a reward trip to the Cedar Point amusement part in Sandusky, Ohio. We are very proud of our students and have enjoyed spending quality time with the faculty and staff of the Lawrence County Public School System who assisted us in reaching our goals. Strengthening educational leadership has become a priority in our program and we are serious about making higher standards a reality for our students.

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For more information about Together We Can! Feel free to contact us using the phone numbers or e-mail (or snail-mail) addresses below. To request information, products, or comment, please use the "contact us" link.

Nina Queen - Program Coordinator
1804 Liberty Avenue
Ironton, OH 45638

Telephone: 740-533-4602
FAX: 740-533-4628 or 740-533-4632

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