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Business and Industry Training

The Business Training Resource Center of Ohio University Southern is dedicated to partnering with businesses, schools, agencies, and individuals to improve performance and increase productivity.

Business and Industry Training Components include:

  • Assess employees to determine skill levels for training or hiring
  • Design and deliver customized training for employers
  • Professional development workshops for employees

Our training programs are customized to meet the specific needs of employers. We work with employers to design and deliver training programs for topics specific to the employer’s needs.  We can offer training on-site, utilizing the employer’s machinery and processes, while reducing travel and lost production time.

All classes are offered as contract training programs tailored to meet the needs of the business workplace.  Training is available in a variety of formats including half day and full day sessions

Training Centers
Proctorville Center
South Point Training Center

Training Programs
Industrial Maintenance
Management Training

Farmers Assistance
Farming Resource Sites
Lawrence County Extension Office

Assessments & Profiling

Enterprise Ohio Network
Targeted Industries Training Grant

For information regarding your training needs please contact:

Cathy Burns
Executive Director, Business Training Resource Center

Jennifer Evans
Business Resource Specialist, Business Training Resource Center

John Patterson
Loan Specialist, Business Training Resource Center