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Early Childhood Education
Curriculum for Early Childhood Education Major

General Education
English and/or Public Speaking:
Freshman 151, 152, 153 5 hours
Junior Composition 4 hours
INCO 103 4 hours
Science and Mathematics:
Biological Science with Lab 5 hours
Physical Science with Lab 5 hours
Earth Science with Lab 5 hours
MATH 120, 121, 122: Elementary Topics in Math (recommended) 11 hours
NOTE: These math courses are recommended, however, any math courses number above 120 (except MATH 151) and totaling 10 hours will be acceptable.
Social Sciences:
American History or Political Science 4 hours
General Psychology- PSY 101 5 hours
Other courses to meet the University's general education requirements:
One Tier II course: 4 credits in either the Humanities & Fine Arts (24) or in Cross-Cultural Studies (20). Tier III
Professional Requirements:
HCCF 160 Intro to Child Development 4 hours
HCCF 160A Observing & Recording Young Childhood Behavior 3 hours
HCCF 170 Introduction to Early Childhood Education 3 hours
Admission to Professional Education is required to take the following courses:
HCCF 260 Diversity in Early Childhood 3 hours
HCCF 260L Clinical: Diversity & Awareness 1 hour
HCCF 361 Guidance & Classroom Mgt. in Early Childhood 3 hours
HCCF 361L Clinical: Guidance & Classroom Mgt. 1 hour
HCCF 363 Creative Experiences in Early Childhood 4 hours
HCCF 371 Family Development 3 hours
EDCI 203 Technological Applications in Education 4 hours
EDCI 220 Phonics 5 hours
EDCI 371C Instructional Adaptions for Learners with Exceptionalities 4 hours
EDEC 206 Introduction to Integrated Curriculum 4 hours
EDEC 225 Emergent Reading and Literacy 4 hours
EDSP 271 Introduction to Education of Exceptional Children 4 hours
After admission to Advanced Standing take the following:
HCCF 455 Curriculum & Teaching Strategies in Early Childhood 4 hours
HCCF 455L Clinical: Curriculum & Teaching Strategies in Early Child 2 hours
HCCF 463 Preschool Administration 3 hours
HCCF 465 Parent Education 3 hours
HCCF 467 Philosophy & Theories of Child 3 hours
EDEC 319 Reading & Literature in Early Childhood Classrooms 4 hours
EDEC 330 Mathematics in Early Childhood 4 hours
EDEC 330L Clinical: Mathematics in Early Childhood 1 hour
EDEC 350 Social Studies in Early Childhood 3 hours
EDEC 350L Clinical: Social Studies in Early Childhood 1 hour
EDEC 421 Observing Children for Reading: Strategies & Skills 2 hours
EDEC 421L Clinical: Observing Children for Reading Strategies & Skills 2 hours
Related Requirements:
HCFN 128 Introduction to Nutrition 4 hours
NRSE 303 Health and Safety in Early Childhood 3 hours
PESS 228 CPR 1 hour
PESS 270 Teaching of Physical Education 3 hours
Select one of the following three courses:
HCCF 462A Pluralistic Life Styles 3 hours
HCCF 462B Parenthood 3 hours
HCCF 462D The One-Parent Family 3 hours
Student Teaching:
EDPL 458 Student Teaching 7 hours
EDPL 459 Student Teaching 6 hours
EDPL 465 Student Teaching 3 hours
HCCF 474 Student Teaching in Early Childhood(Pre-primary) 6 hours
HCCF 475 Student Teaching Seminar in Early Childhood (Pre-primary) 3 hours
Minimum requirement for graduation: 192 hour

The Ohio Department has issued new teacher education and licensure standards that became effective December 1, 1998. Students must work closely with an advisor so that all Ohio University and State of Ohio requirements are met.

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Early Childhood Education
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