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Middle Childhood Education
Curriculum for Middle Childhood Education Major

General Education Requirements: (Minimum required hours: 52)
Students are required to fulfill Ohio University's General Education Requirements (Tier I, II, III). Different concentrations may require a set of general education courses be taken as part of tier requirements. Consult with your advisor to plan a course of study that will meet both sets of requirements.
Professional Education:
Admission to professional education requires that students sucessfully complete:
PSY 101 General Psychology 5 hours
INCO 103 Public Speaking 4 hours
Reminder: All students pursing teacher education programs at Ohio University are subject to the Selective Admission and Retention Program in teacher education.
Professional Requirements: 26
All professional courses are taught with a middle school focus. The following courses must be completed with a 2.75 GPA and no grade below a C.

The following three courses are to be taken together as a block:
EDCI 200 Learning, Human Growth and Development 6 hours
EDCI 201 Char. Of Learners With Exceptionalities 3 hours
EDCI 202 Field Exp. In Typical and Except. Student Dev. 2 hours
EDCI 203 Technological Applications in Education 4 hours
EDCI 301 Education and Cultural Diversity 3 hours
EDCI 371B Instr. Adapt. for Learners w. Exceptionalities & Diverse Needs 4 hours
EDCI 400 School, Society, and the Professional Educator 4 hours
Required Reading Core: 18
EDCI 220 Phonics and the Struture of Language 5 hours
EDCI 325 Dev. Reading Instruction 5 hours
EDCI 420 Teaching Reading in the Content Area 4 hours
EDCI 421 Reading Instr., Diagnosis and Remediation 4 hours
All Middle Childhood Majors take the following two courses:
EDMC 300 Middle Child Inst. Process and Curriculum 4 hours
EDMC 301 Middle Child Education/Curriculum 5 hours
Two methods courses are required, one in each of the two concentrations chosen.
EDMC 310, 310L Teaching Middle Child Langauge Arts 4 4 hours
EDMC 330, 300L Teaching Middle Child Math 4 4 hours
EDMC 340, 340L Teaching Middle Child Sciences 4 4 hours
EDMC 350, 350L Teaching Middle Child Social Studies 4 4 hours
Professional Laboratory Experience
Student Teaching and Seminar (Athens Campus) 16 hours
EDPL 461 Student Teaching in Middle Childhood 7 hours
EDPL 462 Student Teaching in Middle Childhood 6 hours
EDPL 465 Student Teaching Seminar 3 hours
Select two concentrations from the four areas of Concentration. Recommended combinations are language arts/social studies and math/science.
Language Arts Concentration: 41 hours
Courses include the study of language, American literature, African American literature, studies in Asian literature, creative writing, and interpersonal communication
Social Studies Concentration: 45 hours
Courses include anthropology, economics, history, geography, sociology, and political science.
Math Concentration: 39 hours
Courses include elementary topics in mathematics, calculus, geometry, and the history and foundation of math.
Science Concentration: 37-40 hours
Courses include plant biology, chemistry, physics, geology, zoology, and astronomy
Additional courses needed to fulfill total 192 hours degree requirement

The Ohio Department of Education has issued new teacher education and licensure standards that became effective September 1, 1998. Students must work closely with an advisor so that all Ohio University and State of Ohio requirements are met.

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