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Bachelor of Science in Applied Management (B.S.A.M.)

This degree is primarily intended for students who have completed a two-year degree program
(+90 quarter hours or 60+ semester hours) from an accredited community college, regional campus, or technical college and who seek to further their educations by completing the requirements for a baccalaureate degree.

The program provides students with knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for  advancement in the field of management. For the student with an associate degree, the program integrates the general and technical skills developed within associate degree programs with the professional skills and dispositions inculcated in a bachelor’s of management degree program.

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Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies (BTAS)

Ohio University Southern now offers a Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies (BTAS) degree through Regional Higher Education. This degree is primarily intended for students who have already completed an Associate's degree in a technical program from an accredited community college, regional campus, or technical college, and want to further their education by completing the requirements for a Baccalaureate degree.

The program provides students with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary for advancement in their chosen careers. Technical skills developed with Associate degree programs are integrated with professional development in areas of communication, research, culture, politics and organizational leadership.

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Bachelor of Communication
Organizational Communication Major

Organizational Communication prepares students for professional careers and administrative positions in business, educational, governmental, industrial, labor, or other organizational units. Recent graduates have secured public and private sector employment in such areas as training, personnel, organizational development, public affairs, fund raising, and information management.

The goal of Organizational Communication is to provide a blend of theory-and experience-based instructional opportunities. The acquisition of communication skills and research techniques vital to the contemporary organization is emphasized within the track. These include public speaking, interviewing, small-group problem solving, campaign direction, and conference leadership, as well as historical, descriptive, and experimental methods in both field and laboratory settings.

Bachelor of Criminal Justice

The Bachelor of Criminal Justice program is designed for students who have previously completed an associate's degree in Law Enforcement Technology, Human Service Technology, or a related area. The program prepares students for careers in such fields as parole and probation, forensic science, adult and juvenile corrections, and police administration. Criminal justice students also may prepare for law school or further study in graduate or professional schools.

The flexible interdisciplinary curriculum is composed of a broad range of courses from the social and behavioral sciences, humanities, natural sciences, and professional disciplines, all of which make a contribution to the complex field of criminal justice.

Bachelor of Criminal Justice course requirements (PDF)

Bachelor of Science in Education
Early Childhood Education Major

The Early Childhood Education program prepares students to teach children three years old through third grade. In addition to working with children ages three through third grade in public and private school systems, one can teach in nursery schools, child-care centers, and Head Start programs. The Early Childhood program is offered in both the College of Education and the College of Health and Human Services

The program curriculum includes coursework in a general studies curriculum (communication, history, sciences, literature, and mathematics), professional education requirements, professional early childhood and related coursework, and student teaching.

Middle Childhood Education Programs
The Middle Childhood Education program prepares students to teach in grades 4-9. Each program curriculum includes coursework well distributed over two academic concentrations. For example, academic concentration combinations can come from language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies, or other combinations such as mathematics/science or language arts/social studies. To receive a B.S. Ed. In middle childhood education, you must complete one of these programs and achieve a passing score on the Praxis II exam prior to licensure.

History (B.A.)

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Health Services Administration (B.S.H.)

The Health Services Administration Degree prepares you for entry-level management and staff positions in all sectors of the health care industry. Students will be prepared for positions in acute, subcute, and ambulatory care facilities such as hospitals, clinics, home health agencies, manages care organizations, and other emerging health delivery systems. Minimum required for for graduation: 192 hours.

Longterm Health Care Administration (B.S.H.)

The Long-Term Health Care Administration Degree prepares you for a career in the management of nursing and other long term facilities. It qualifies you to take the licensure examination of the Ohio Department of Health Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administration, as well as the National Licensure Examination. A Certificate in Gerontology is also offered.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The School of Nursing offers a RN-to B.S.N. program designed for licensed RNs who are graduates of state-approved associate's degree or diploma schools of nursing. The purpose is to prepare generalists for the professional practice of nursing and to provide a foundation for graduate study. The program is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission.

The major in nursing includes upper-division coursework in nursing, university General Education Requirements, and upper-division courses outside of nursing. It is possible to complete a minor in another discipline while completing the major in nursing. Many nursing courses have a clinical component. Clinical experiences occur in a broad range of traditional and nontraditional health care and health maintenance settings.

Bachelor of Specialized Studies

The Bachelor of Specialized Studies is a self-designed Bachelor's program. Students seeking entry into this program are usually those who have accumulated a varied selection of credits at different universities and wish to organize them into a degree program or those with specific career goals not met by existing educational program. The Specialized Studies program must be different from any program of study offered by Ohio University and must meet specific university requirements. The student must complete an additional application form and discuss the intended program of study with an academic advisor.