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Associate in Equine Studies

Ohio University Southern Campus now offers an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Equine Studies. The degree program is designed to prepare students for employment as trained professionals in the horse industry. Learn more...

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Ohio University Southern is seeking volunteers to assist at the Center for Therapeutic Riding Center located at the Ohio Horse Park in Franklin Furnace, Ohio. Lear more...

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Program Goals
The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Equine Studies has been designed to prepare students to seek enjoyment and employment as trained professionals in the horse industry. Our objective for this program is to provide each student the opportunity to:

  • Develop an appreciation and understanding of the horse itself through studying its anatomy and physiology and through participating in the psychological process of working with and caring for the horse.
  • Achieve an understanding of the scientific knowledge necessary to care for, feed, and maintain a horse, to allow it to reach its highest potential.
  • Learn the legal and ethical issues of the horse industry.
  • Be introduced to and allowed to practice the methods used to train horses and riders and be informed about the variety of purposes and events for which this training is provided.
  • Be able to do all these activities in a safe manner.
  • Learn modern business and farm management skills necessary to succeed in the horse industry today.
  • Improve human relations skills as well as communication skills in reading, writing, and speaking.
  • Know the value of a good work ethic.

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Career Opportunities

The positions our graduate will be prepared to pursue will vary with the elective equine courses the student chooses. Potential positions are stable manager, farm manager, riding instructor, equine secretary or records manager, equine sales and marketing agent, horse trainer or assistant trainer, equine journalist, horse show or event manager, horse show judge, national breed association representative, and equine photographer or artist.

Admissions and Financial Aid
Freshman admission into the OUSC Equine Studies program requires a high school diploma or GED certificate. Due to class size limitations, students with the equivalent of at least a 2.5 grade point average will receive first consideration. Students may receive additional consideration for demonstrated talent and experience with horses.

We realize the expenses involved in a college education include more than tuition and can sometimes seem out of reach. Our financial aid staff can help you find funds to finance your education from a variety of sources, including scholarships, state and federal grants, part-time employment, and loans. Applications for admission into the Equine Studies program or information about campus visits may be obtained by calling the Equine Studies department at (740) 354-9907 or 1-800-626-0513, or email at hallk@ohio.edu


Equine Course of Study

The Equine Studies program at OUSC was developed in 1994 and consists of four basic areas of study:

  1. Equine science and health courses include equine nutrition, reproduction, anatomy and physiology, and first aid and preventative medicine. Each of these courses is taught by a veterinarian with years of equine experience.
  2. Equine business management and farm and stable management courses are designed to promote understanding of the physical and financial aspects of the horse industry.
  3. Riding - we ride in three seats: western or stock seat, hunt seat, and saddle seat. Each seat is split into 4 levels. In addition, courses in jumping, trail riding, and harnessing and driving are offered.
  4. Field experience and internships are essential to give the student a realistic view of a career with horses. Field experiences involve participation in activities outside OUSC such as horse shows and events, seminars, clinics, etc. The internships give the student the opportunity to gain valuable practical experience in a specific area of equine studies pertinent to the individual's interest.

Many of the coursed discussed will be presented at our Ironton campus, but all riding courses and courses requiring contact with the horses are held at the Ohio University owned Ohio Horse Park . This equine center is being developed by the university on 184 acres, just 14 miles west of our Ironton campus, on state route 52.


Ohio University Southern
Associates Degree in Equine Studies
General Education Requirements*

* General Education Requirements information on this page is based on the current quarters schedule. New General Education Requirements based on the semester schedule coming soon.








:: Ohio Horse Park ::
The Ohio Horse Park was founded in 1995, and is the home of OUS's Equine Studies program.

:: Therapeutic Riding ::
For information concerning Theraputic Riding, contact:
Kelly Hall
Coordinator of Therapeutic Riding Program
(740) 354-9347 or 1-800-626-0513

Internship Information

This handbook was developed for use by students, advisors, and supervisors as they participate in the Equine Studies Department’s Internship Program at Ohio University Southern.

This handbook is designed to give general guidelines, policies, and procedures for the internship program. However, all internships are intended to be a unique, tailored experience to meet the needs and goals of the individual student. For additional information please email hallk@ohio.edu

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