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Electronic Media Degree
With over half of the major courses incorporating hands-on training, the Electronic Media degree is designed to give you the theoretical and practical foundation necessary to begin your career in broadcasting or interactive multimedia in just two years.

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Want to work in TV or film? Why just read about it? Our classes get you out of your seat and behind the camera. You’ll be learning on industry-standard equipment and software in real production studios and high-tech computer labs.

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Do you want to be in radio? Do you love mixing sound? Maybe you just want to produce a CD for that trying-to-get-out-of-the-garage band you started in high school? We’ve got a degree that rocks.

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So you want to make a website. You might even have a basic understanding of html or a scratch-the-surface knowledge of Flash.  Or maybe you don’t know where to begin. So how do you make sure your message gets through?

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We cover many events throughout the year. Often, our Video students shoot while our Audio students announce. It’s a real team effort. Or, if you’re interested in Multimedia, you can put together promotional pieces.

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Ohio University Southern Student EMPixx Awards
The Electronic Media Department of Ohio University Southern presents the annual Student EMPixx award to recognize high school level video production and computer animation excellence.

Student EMPixx Awards

The Wall of Weird
A gallery created to display some of the wacky and bizarre projects submitted by some of our students. Containing web elements, videos, and audio clips, it is a guaranteed laugh.

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Frequently Asked Questions
So you’ve seen the videos, you’ve read the overviews and now you’re thinking, “Great. I still have all these unanswered questions. How do I apply? What’s it like to be an EM student?”

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