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Kudos to Greenup County native Ernie Hall, who recently won an EMMY for his documentary entitled “Black Market Baby Searches for Family”, the three-part series tells of a house in Gainesville, Florida which was supposed to be a refuge for pregnant teens in the 1950's and '60's. Later, it was discovered the operator of the house was selling the babies to desperate couples wanting children. The series tells the story of two women connected to the house. The first gave her child up for adoption.

The second was given up for adoption. Both are now searching for their lost loved ones. Catherine Varnum and Ernie Hall worked several weeks researching the Southern Rescue Workers Home and its operator. They traveled to five cities in three states to collect information, conduct interviews and gather video. This story has become embedded in both Catherine's and Ernie's life. They continue to keep in touch with the people involved and were given support by the parties when deciding to seek a nomination for the series.

Ernie is a graduate of Greenup County High School. He graduated with an Associate's Degree from the Electronic Media from Ohio University Southern in Ironton, Ohio. Ernie began his career as a photojournalist with the local CBS affiliate and has since worked in two other markets. His stories range from breaking news to in-depth investigation. He has been nominated twice for an Emmy, winning the award on his second nomination. He attributes his success to the support from his family, friends, and mentors from Ohio University Southern in Ironton, Ohio. Ernie Hall currently resides in Atlantic Beach, Florida.

 Don Moore Assistant Professor, Director of the Electronic Media program at Ohio University said “We knew Ernie would be successful, he had that drive of never being satisfied.  He put in long hours outside of the classroom working with instructors and staff to better himself.  He’s worked hard to earn it, hats off to him.

EM Students hit the road to document History On Wheels

Recent EM grads, Joe Hammonds and Chris Barker, joined a History On Wheels tour to document the trip and raise awareness of one of the many unique experiences available to OU Southern students. The trip was organized by OU’s Travel World in collaboration with history instructor, Bob Leith. It was offered as a class for students to be able to learn more about our nation’s rich history in the places where major events unfolded.

The trip lasted only three days, butincluded nearly ten stops in the Hampton roads area of Virginia. With each stop, Barker and Hammonds had to prioritize their shot list and work as fast as possible to shoot enough footage to be able to create a video that could at once cover the history of the location where they were, and create an overall sense of understanding of why the students were there. “This was a new environment for Chris and Joe. A very real world experience of what it will be like when they graduate.” said Special Projects Producer Brad Bear. “I’m here with them to make sure that they remember everything they were taught in production class, while juggling a rigorous, and unforgiving schedule. They’ve kept up very well, and I’m looking forward to the finished piece.” Bear concluded.

Once home, EM student editor, Jade Merrit, took up the charge of editing the final video.
“After editing last year’s season of High Q, I wanted to see how Jade approached a completely different type of video. She did amazing.” Bear said. The History On Wheels videois complete and available to view in the student services office. It is also available at the Travel World office, Bob Leith’s office, or Brad Bear’s office in the Electronic Media department.


EM209C takes the student out of the class room and on location to local high school football games. Students learn the nuances of televising live sporting events via the mobile production trailer built by the Electronic Media Department in 2008.

Empowered by having everything you would find in a studio environment on location allows students to focus on what’s important... catching the action.

This season has brought a new wave of students stepping into to key positions from Producers to Grips, and they are sure to take their rewards during the BEA production competition this winter.


2011 came and went far too fast, but not before witnessing some dramatic changes to the third floor. Feel free to stop by and check out our all new Mac lab featuring the most powerful
iMacs available today.


However, don’t forget to check out the other end of the building for the all new music recording studio and control. The new studio and control features the latest Protools system and condenser microphones.


The hit high school quiz game show, High Q, returned in November to the Electronic Media studios for a third season. This season will run 31 episodes on Saturday afternoon on WQCW.

WQCW is an affiliate of the CW network that produces such hits as Vampire Diaries and Supernatural.

This will be the second year airing on the CW, and third for Electronic Media students producing the show.