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Ohio University Southern Student EMPixx Awards


The Electronic Media Department of Ohio University Southern presents the annual Student EMPixx Awards to recognize high school level video production and computer animation excellence.

This annual competition is open to all regional high schools that have a video/TV/computer animation production class and student individuals that are exploring these fields on their own.

The Ohio University Southern Student EMPixx Awards are open to all area high school students

The intent of the Student EMPixx Awards is to recognize excellence in the creation of video, audio, and multimedia projects. There is no charge for submission of materials, and no limit on the number of submissions from each school.


2014 EMPixx Award Winners

Best of Show – 1,000: Ryan Murphy (Fairland High School)
Audio – $750: Logan Huff (Collins Career Center)
Video – $750: Shawn Cosby (Ironton High School)
Multimedia – $750: Kobe Woodall (Fairland High School)
Director’s Choice – $250: Brandon Peters (Ironton High School)

Best of Show:
Ryan Murphy “Invasion” (Fairland High School)

Judges Choice:
 Zach Oder, Jacob Nichols, Cody Canterbury “Rubber Bands (Rubbers)” (Fairland High School)

1st place: Shawn Cosby “The Stages of Becoming a Monster” (Ironton High School)
2nd place: Zach White, Chris McCallister “Indianapolis 500 in the Future” (Jefferson County)

1st place: Ryan Taylor, Ian Burns, Taylor Bane, Sydney Nida “CSI Chesapeake” (Chesapeake High School)
2nd place: Trevor Palchich, Keenan Buchanan, David Cole, Jordan Scully “Happy” (Tolles CTC @ Dublin Coffman HS)

1st place: Kenzie Roof, Bridget Hayes “Don't Chalk About Me” (Chesapeake High School)
2nd place: Hannah Moore, Shane Taylor, Ireland Maddox “Hipster: A Short Film” (Fairland High School)

News Cast:
1st place: Justin Aceto, Dian Segle, Bryanna Wentz, Brandon Sweeney “WJVS News Cast” (Jefferson County High School)
2nd place: Brooke Denney, Tori Thompson, Ryan Murphy, Kade Huff, Jacob Nichols, Race Davis, Hayden James, Audry Adams, Jessica Price “FLS News” (Fairland High School)

News Feature:
1st place: Ryan Murphy, Brooke Denney “Cold and Flu Season” (Fairland High School)
2nd place: Seth Garybeal, Hope Miller, Aubrianna Rose “FCCLA” (Fairland High School)

Sports News:
1st place: Ryan Murphy “Terra” (Fairland High School)
2nd place: Race Davis “Earlywine” (Fairland High School)

Video Commercial:
1st place: Aaron Lamb, Nick Dunaway, Jonathan Wright, Isaac Earlywine, Kara King, Katie Regensburger, Jackson Eubanks, Casey Hamilton, Benjamin Muse “Stretching Out For Help” (Fleming County High School)
2nd place: Shelby Blevins, Natalie Cerullo, Jacob Graves, Chance Short, Connor Lacroix, Taylor Perry, Abby War, Trace Adkins, Seth Graybear “RubberBandFaceSoulmateHappyCouples.com” (Fairland High School)

Audio Production:
1st place: Logan Huff “O Holy Night” (Collins Career Center)
2nd place: Kelsey Fields “High End” (Collins Career Center)

Radio Commercial:
1st place: Logan Huff “Rubber Band Derby” (Collins Career Center)
2nd place: Jaycob Kitchen, Joey Haynes “Rubber Band Sooo” (Chesapeake High School)

Digital Photography:
1st place- Hannah Breen “Hannah's Photos” (Lewis County)
2nd place- Julie Jackson “'Kate' 'Sunblock' 'Washed Up'” (Bloom-Carroll High School)

Multimedia Print:
1st place- Morgan Jackson “Small Groups” (Lewis County)
2nd place- Seric Smith “Design Your Future” (Pike County CTC)

Multimedia Web:
1st place- Kobe Woodall “Global Financial Crisis and Corruption” (Fairland High School)
2nd place- Brandon Peters “Engineering Class” (Ironton High School)


First Place   Blend Together (Lucas Willis) Lakewood
Second Place  Time for Tea (Madison Cole, Olivia Adkins) Russell High School
Audio Production
First Place On My Mind (Carson Nutter)
Collins Career Center

Second Place  Vampire Queen  (Zach Oder) Fairland

Digital Photography
First Place Vintage (Karhlee Zambos)
South Point High School
Second Place Pics by Morgan (Morgan Jackson)
Lewis County
First Place Last (Heather Sparks, Carson Nutter, Michael Cremeans, Julia Taylor) Collins Career Center
Second Place  The Shadow (Jessica Castello, Elizabeth Laner, Lauren McKenzie) Bloom Carroll
First Place Brainstorming for EMPixx (Ryan Murphy) Fairland
Second Place Superhero Final (Jessica Price, Emily Conzett) Fairland
Multimedia Print
First Place Prostart Poster (Morgan Jackson)
Lewis County
Second Place Race Your Way to BPA (Alex Fox)
Pike County CTC
Multimedia Web
First Place The 1960s (Lyndsey Saunders)
Fairland High School
Second Place  The Bakery (Danielle Miller)
Fairland High School
First Place FLS News (Pieper Lewis, Michael Miller, Cody Midkiff, Kyle Rains, Patrick McCoy, Leslie Eastam, Akhil Guidivada, Raini Wireman, Brooke Denney, Marc Bittner) Fairland
Second Place CAVS News Update Bethany Truman, Justin Sparks, Katy Ferguson, Chris Sykes, Anthony Polokouski, Brooke Smith) Chillocothe
News Feature/Story
First Place Hunter Safety (Kyle Raines) Fairland
Second Place CAVS News- CHS Piano Lab (Allison Shoemaker, Brooke Smith, Austin Magill, Glen Mitchell, Taylor Glover, Angelique Gabrielle) Chillicothe
Radio Commercial
First Place X-5000 Bug Spray (Jacob Hanna) Chesapeake
Second Place Bug Zap (Kenzi Moore) Chesapeake
Sports News Feature
First Place FHS Girls Basketball (Kyle Raines) Fairland
Second Place Fairland vs. Chesapeake (Patrick McCoy) Fairland
Video Commercial
First Place Bug Off! (Kelli Carpenter, Dakota Miller, Aaron Lamb, Nick Dunaway, Jonathan Wright, Jackson Eubanks) Fleming County
Second Place Murphy’s Bug Spray (Ryan Murphy)
Judges’ Choice

Don’t Stop Believing (Alyssa Arthur & whole school) Chesapeake

Best of Show
A Wonderful Life (Lauren Hough) Lewis County


April 27, 2012


First Place   Evolution of Stop Motion (Lucas Willis)
                     Lakewood Local

Second Place   Spaceship (James Luzer, Kirk Pratt,
Spencer Robins) Jefferson County JVS

Audio Production

First Place       Arise (Richard Holland)
Collins Career Center

Second Place   Heart of a Lion (Melissa Jenkins, Clayton Betts, Tristen Yates) Ironton

Digital Photography

First Place       Needle in a Haystack (Whitney Alfred)
                      Lewis County

Second Place   Stills of My Life (Corbin Ramey)


First Place       Jakup’s Basketball Story (Phillip Beaty, Garrett Wheeler, Daniel Wireman, Jake Wheeler, Adam Boggs)

Second Place   Our Survivor (Ethan Hull, Phillip Gunter, Nathan Flesher, Aaron Jordan)
Lewis County


First Place Magic Paintbrush (Chris Dehner, Jessica Lowe, Daniel Chapman, Colby Duverdeck) Chesapeake

Second Place   Finkleburg Agent Immoblier (Michael Miller, Skyler Massie, Jacob Martin, Brienna Neal, Andy Martin, Deanna
Gibson, Carr Holland, Matt Phillips) Collins Career Center

Multimedia Print

First Place       Forgiven (Morgan Jackson)  Lewis County

Second Place   Sadie Hawkins (Morgan Jackson) Lewis County

Multimedia Web

First Place       FCHS TSA (Donovan Spann) Fleming County

Second Place   Ferretts (Ashley Hineman) Fairland


First Place  CAVS News Update Show (Jennifer Bennett, Chris Sykes, Justin Sparks, Lexie Compston, Katy Robinson, A. J. Carver, Chris Cade) Chillicothe

Second Place  The Leader in Us (Lexie Compston, Katy Robinson)

News Feature/Story

First Place   Students Who Work (Patrick McCoy) Fairland

Second Place   Cellphones (Michael Miller)
Collins Career Center      

Radio Commercial

First Place  Scent Away (Richard McFarland, Chris Hughes)

Second Place   STANK OUT! (Donovan Spann, Wesley Mitchell)
Fleming County

Sports News Feature

First Place   Little League Soccer (BriAnn Evans) Fairland

Second Place   Evan’s 1000th Point (Cody Midkiff) Fairland

Video Commercial

First Place       P.U. Pooch-B-Gone (John Gulley, Kelli Carpenter, Sam Bell) Fleming County

Second Place   Dog Wash (Whitney Alfred, Morgan Montgomery)
Lewis County

Judges’ Choice

Autistic Artistic Show (Allison Shoemaker, Bethany
Truman, Brook Smith, Brandon Ietshe, Hope Rundels)

Best of Show

Day of Silence (Rickie Miller)                       
Lakewood Local