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New Student Orientation: Discover Your Promise

Getting Started: Things to Know Before Registering for Orientation

New Student Orientation is among the most important milestones in your preparation for your studies at Ohio University Southern. However, there are other things you need to do or know before you register for orientation. Below, we have compiled a convenient list of what you will need to do before you register, and what you will need to know about orientation before you attend.

First Year Student Orientation Information

Parents are encouraged to attend the parallel program that addresses academic and non-academic concerns they might have.

Both students and parents meet with academic and student advisors, who talk to them about Ohio University and the general education requirements.

Placement Testing

All new students are required to take placement tests before registering for classes.

Placement tests are designed to assess basic academic competencies (reading, English, math and chemistry, if applicable) and to provide information necessary to make appropriate class assignments. Placement tests are offered every Tuesday in the Learning Center, which is located in the Collins Center.

Please call the Learning Center 740.533.4596 for an appointment.

Placement tests are also offered at the Proctorville Center.

Please call the Proctorville Center at 740.886.7655 for an appointment.


You must take placement tests prior to attending Orientation. There will be no exceptions.

You cannot be advised or register for classes without having placement results.

Billing / Payment

Students who register for Fall Quarter session will receive an E-BILL for tuition from the University. Students may choose to sign up for a payment plan through the University.

Financial Aid

To be considered for financial aid, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed and submitted. FAFSA may be completed at www.fafsa.ed.gov.

The Student Center offers Financial Aid Workshops to assist interested incoming students in completing the FAFSA application.

Workshops are offered Wednesday at 3:00pm Ironton Campus (please call to register at 740.533.4600) or the Proctorville Center by appointment (740.886.7655).


You will need your (and your parent’s, if applicable) 2013 income tax information to complete the FAFSA. An advisor will be available to help you input your information.

You must contact the Office of Student Services 740.533.4600 or the Proctorville Center at 740.886.7655 to make an appointment for the FAFSA workshop, as there are a limited number of spaces available.

If you have further questions or need special arrangements, please call the Student Center at 740.533.4600 or 800.626.0513, or the Proctorville Center at 740.886.7655.

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