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Cultural Diversity... Communication... Folknography
2001, 2002

Dr. David Lucas
Assistant Professor of Communication, OUSC

David M. Lucas earned his Ph.D. from Ohio University. Additionally, Dr. Lucas holds a master's degree in international studies, a master's degree in speech communication, a bachelor's degree in communication and a bachelor's degree in theology.

Dave serves as faculty chair at Ohio University Southern. He is tenured in the school of interpersonal communication at OU. He teaches a myriad of classes at Ohio University Southern.

As we post this information, Dr. Lucas and his colleague Dr. Charles Jarrett are actively engaged in field research in the Sea Islands off of the coast of South Carolina. The two have planned this intensive field study for more than a year. Dr. Lucas is a communication specialist and an accomplished ethnographer.

Lucas has previously guided research projects in Mexico, Spain, and several places stateside. For the last three years, he has been heavily involved in work with the Shawnee Native Americans. His academic attentions now turn to the culture group known as the Gullahs. As the days pass, you will be able to follow this exciting adventure in multi-disciplinary research.

"The secret is to cherish individual differences and take pride in a unique heritage beneath the umbrella of our common humanity."

William Pollitzer

Dr. Charles W. Jarrett
Assistant Professor, OUSC

Charles W. Jarrett earned his Ph. D. from The Ohio State University. Dr. Jarrett served as a research assistant at Battelle Institute in Columbus, Ohio, and taught courses in rural sociology at Ohio State under the direction of Dr. Ted L. Napier. Charles' areas of concentration include rural sociology, social theory, and research methodology. Charles teaches a variety of sociology courses at Ohio Southern. His research interests include race and ethnic relations, deviant behavior, and social problems.

Dr. Jarrett returned to a faculty position in 1999, after serving Ohio University in an administrative capacity from 1988 through 1998. Ohio Southern experienced unprecedented growth and development during Dr. Jarrett's tenure as Admissions Director. Dr. Jarrett was instrumental in the establishment of many innovative programs designed to increase enrollments and improve the quality of student life at Ohio Southern.

Dr. Jarrett and Dr. Lucas are currently applying principles of Folknography to complete a qualitative study of Gullah/Geechee culture. The two colleagues presented papers at the 64th Annual Meeting of the Rural Sociological Society in Albuquerque, New Mexico and the International Meeting of the National Association of African-American Studies in Cancun, Mexico during August, 2001.