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Journey to Wholeness

Portia Perez interviews Charles Jarrett (above) at his book signing event announcing the publication of Journey to Wholeness: Gullah Perspectives on Postmodern American Culture. Portia is an electronic media major at Ohio University Southern and currently serves as a special correspondant for the OUS "Make Your Mark" campaign.

Psychology 190 F (Journey to Wholeness) was developed by Dr. Charles Jarrett to provide undergraduates an opportunity to study social diversity and cultural enrichment at Ohio University Southern. Journey to Wholeness: Gullah Perspectives in Postmodern American Culture was used as a reference for PSY 190 F (Journey to Wholeness) during Winter Quarter, 2008. Students studied Gullah culture and language using research specific web sites and the nine short stories from the Lowcountry included in JTW. Richard D. White (Gullah artist) provided the art work (see below) featured throughout Journey to Wholeness.