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Dr. Charles Jarrett began playing music as a teenager and continues to perform with his own group under the name Dr. J's All Star Band. Group members include Phil Osborne (guitar), Rob Harris (guitar), Barry Gillum (keyboards), Tom Berry (percussion), Pat McCoy (percussion), and Wally Wilkes (lead vocals). JV Collier (bass) is an honorary member of the group and performs annually during the Road to Success program now held during the final week of October at the Paramount Arts Center in Ashland, Kentucky.

Dr. J's All Star Band features professional musicians who wish to "give back" to the community and support area youth in the world of academics. The band is avilable for charity events and fund rasisers dedicated to providing area youth educational opportunities and support in the arts, film, music, and or theatre. You may contact Dr. J's All Star Band by calling Ohio University Southern Campus in Ironton, Ohio. Pictures below were taken at The Road to Success program October 28, 2008 at the Paramount Arts Center.

  • JV speaks to area youth
  • Wally Wilkes from Big Planet Soul provided lead vocals
  • Charels Jarrett uses DW Drums and Paiste cymbals
  • Barry Gillum (OUS Grad) provides keyboards
  • JV and Phil jam together on Mustang Sa
  • JV Jervonny Collier - recording artist with Bruce Hornsby
  • Wally Wilkes sings and plays I Shot the Sh
  • Tom Berry provides precussion and vocals
  • Carrie Cline - special guest from WSAZ TV
  • Dr. David Lucas served as our host and emcee
  • Dr J's All Star Band opens the show with Gimme Some Lovin'
  • Dr. J's All Star Band
  • Wally Wilkes Performs Evil Ways with Dr. J's All Star Band
  • Dr J's All Star Band performes at the Paramount Arts Center
  • Improvisation is a major part of the perform
  • Dr J waves farewell till next year...
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