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Mojos (1965 - 1968)


The Might Mojos (circa 1965)

The Mighty Mojos were fortunate to have the support of Jay Jerrell (the great disk jockey from Charleston, West Virginia) in their corner in the mid-1960's. Jay helped the group record "Go" and booked performences in local venues like the Charleston Rec Center to the delitght of many friends and fans of British Rock. Mr. Paul Selan, Sr. successfully managed the group and served as a "father figure" for the teenagers during their formative years.The group was primarily a concert band that performed occasionally in night cluns like the "Thunderball" in St. Albans, West Virginia. The group consisted of Tom Crouse (vocals), Joe Clatworthy (vocals & guitar), Robert Harris (guitar), Paul Selan, Jr. (Bass), and Charles Jarrett (drums). The group was nominated for a position in the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame (2007) and reunited (minus Tom Crouse) for a special concert June 20, 2007 outside the Clay Center in Charleston, West Virginia. The special concert was arranged by Jack Griffith (Wind Jammer) and Michael Lipton (WV Music Hall of Fame). Thanks guys for a memorable evening (see page on WV Music Hall of Fame Concert).

The Mighty Mojos (circa 1966)

The Mojos at the Thurnderball

Joe Clatworthy (Lead Vocals)

(L-R) Joe Clatworthy, Paul Selan, Jr.,
Rob Harris, & Charles "Pedro" Jarrett


The Mojos MP3 Music Files

Son Of A Poor Man (MP3)
Go (MP3)
What She's Done To Me (MP3)
Heather Girl (MP3)
Untitled (MP3)

Charleston Daily: WV Music Hall of Fame (June 21, 2007) PDF

Charleston Gazette: The Mojos reunite for FestivALL (June 14, 2007) PDF


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