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Journey to Wholeness (2008)
Charles W. Jarrett, Ph. D., Associate Professor of Sociology at Ohio University, taught summer courses for the University of South Carolina Beaufort at Hilton Head Island (2001-05). Charles was surprised local students were uninformed about the culture, so he extended learning beyond the classroom through field experiences and face-to-face encounters with Gullahs on Hilton Head and St. Helena Island. Charles created a series of cultural enrichment programs entitled Gullahs and Geechees of the Sea Islands (2002) to introduce the unique culture to residents of southeastern Ohio. Psychology 190 (Journey to Wholeness) was created (2003) for undergraduate credit at Ohio University Southern. Charles Jarrett has written a manuscript (2008) based on his experiences studying Gullah culture on the Sea Islands and coastal regions of South Carolina. Described as a work of creative non-fiction, Journey to Wholeness consists of (9) related short stories. Click on the PDF link below for an excerpt of individual storylines.


Journey to Wholeness
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01. Matches from Heaven PDF


Lucille and her mother would have walked this path in the 1940 hurricane on Hilton Head


02. An Agreement in Principle PDF


The revisions for this story were written inside Hemingway's (now the Black Marlin)



  03. Message for America PDF

Bird nest

  Economic development on the Sea Islands has compromised nature

04. Blue Fences PDF


Gullah cuisine is an important part of the culture as depicted in this story

05. The Anointment PDF

Live oaks with their Spanish moss are prevalent on St. Helena Island


06. Have a Nice Life PDF

Political activism limits development and protects the environment on St. Helena Island


07. The Five Great Divides PDF

The actual site of this story is now an abandoned bookstore

08. You Can't Run Away from Yourself PDF

Daufauskie Island (site of this story) is a short boat ride from Hilton Head Island


09. Right Off the Charles E. Fraser Bridge PDF

The parrotts of South Beach Marina are an everyday fixture for tourists