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Dr. Charles W. Jarrett
Associate Professor, Ohio University Southern

Dr. Charles W. Jarrett earned his B.A. and Masters Degree from Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia.  Charles earned his Doctorate in Sociology from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.  Charles served as a research assistant at Battelle Institute in Columbus, Ohio and studied research methodology/applied sociology under the direction of Dr. Ted L. Napier, Full Professor of Environmental Sociology at The Ohio State University. Charles has applied his expertise with research and student engagement to provide opportunities for university/community service, a priority for Group I faculty at Ohio University Southern Campus.  Charles developed a cultural enrichment program based on his Gullah/Geechee Research Project in South Carolina.  The cultural enrichment series entitled "Journey To Wholeness" was created to provide opportunities for experiences in social diversity for the residents of southeastern Ohio and the students attending Ohio University Southern Campus in Ironton, Ohio. 

"Journey to Wholeness" features visits to the Ironton community by members of the Gullah/Geechee Nation.  Community residents and OUS students are able to interact and engage in dialogue with members of a unique and distinctive cultural community based in South Carolina.  Gullah/Geechee people are descendants of enslaved Africans who have lived a relatively isolated existence in the Sea Islands of our southeastern United States.  Gullah culture and language had evolved in relative obscurity until bridges were built from the mainland to the Sea Islands following World War II.  Today, Gullah culture is threatened by massive land development initiatives and rapid socio-economic development along coastal South Carolina.  Certain members of the Gullah/Geechee community are working to preserve the culture from the possibility of extinction.  Charles created the cultural enrichment series to introduce community members and students with this unique group of people.  Journey To Wholeness is an effort to assist in the preservation of Gullah culture and language and educate others in our community about this unique cultural community.

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