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Dr. J's All Star Band
Dr. J's All Star Band was formed as part of the Diversity Task Force at Ohio University Southern. Music can play a vital role in the spiritual awareness of a community and serve as a catalyst for social change. This group of professionals devote their energies and talents in service to Ohio University Southern and the residents of southeastern Ohio. Dr. J's All Star Band represents a fantasy come true - an all star collection of fine musicians capable of defining moments of sheer delight and enjoyment for the people of our university and community. The artists cited (see gallery of photos below) have honed their craft through daily rituals of dedicated rehearsal designed for one purpose - to combine the thrill of music with the passion of performance. This band is loose and ready for the challenge whether it's rock & roll, rhythm & blues, reggae, or progressive jazz. See below picture gallery for MP3 files of the band in action!

Dr. J with his
All Star Band

  • JV Collier - Bass Guitar
  • Paul Selan - Guitar
  • Rob Harris - Guitar & Vocals
  • Joe Clatworthy - Keyboards, Guitar, & Vocals
  • Charles Jarrett - Drums & Percussion
  • Phil Osborne - Guitar & Vocals
  • Pat McCoy - Drums & Percussion
  • Barry Gillum - Keyboards, Bass, &  Sound Equipment
  • Jack Griffith - Guitar & Vocals
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I Shot the Sheriff (MP3)

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All Star Band